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How to Join Telegram Channels

This page talks about how to join GreenCrypto Premium Telegram channels.
To get Premium Subscription to GreenCrypto Indicator you can either contact or Use our Bot to Join Directly

Joining Channels through Bot

If you have already purchase Premium Subscription, you will get a unique link to our Bot which handle the subscription. Once you click on the link you have received from our Admin/Support Team, it will take you to the Bot.
Example Link to Join Premium Channels
On clicking the link, you will see similar content in the Bot. Click on the "Start" button at the bottom
GreenCrypto Bot Start Page
On clicking the Start button you will get links to join our Premium Channel, We have multiple Channels, you can join all of them. Don't forget to click on the "Next" arrow to view all the channels.
GreenCrypto Joining the Channels
To Join the channel in the future (in case if you have left the channel), run the command /join To check your subscription status, run /membershipstatus
GreenCrypto Join and Membership status
If you are stuck at any step, you can always reach out to us at