Introduction to GreenCrypto Swing Trade Indicator

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What is Green Crypto Swing Trade Indicator

GreenCrypto Swing Trade Indicator is an advanced Trading Indicator developed over the years. It's developed using TradingView Pine Script and currently available on Tradingview.com

This indicator uses advance support & resistance and Trend predication for accurately predicting the market movement. Support and resistance used for calculating the entry, exit and stopLoss prices, trend is used for detecting the market direction.

Green Crypto Provides BUY and SELL signals on the chart along with StopLoss and Target prices, which helps a trader to enter a trade without wasting much time in analysing the charts.

Below you can example which has GreenCrypto Swing Trade Indicator added to it.

Above example is for ETHUSDT in 1H timeframe. You can use this indicator with any timeframe and any market.

Getting access to the Indicator

To use the indicator you need a Free Tradingview.com account and a Green Crypto Swing Trade Indicator subscription.

1 . You can create a Free TradingView account here: Sign Up to TradingView

2. Get a Green Crypto Swing Trade Subscription: Get a subscription from our website greencrypto.net OR you can contact us to Telegram @GreenCryptoSupport

Benefits of using this Indicator:

By using Green Crypto Swing Trade Indicator you will get a more clear picture of the market trend. Indicator a provides a clear picture of the market by removing all the noise from the chart.

It reduces the time spent on analysing the market increases the opportunity to enter and exit the market at the right time.

Our algorithm calculates the StopLoss automatically and it helps people who has difficulty in configuring the right stopLoss price.

This single Indicator can be used with any markets (Crypto, Stock, Forex, Commodity, Index etc.) and it works on any timeframe.

  • For Scalping you can use 5M or 15M timeframe candles

  • For Swing Trade use 1H or 4H candles

  • For Investment use 1D or 1W charts works best.


We are always available to assist our uses. We try to be available 24x7 and usually we reply within 15 Minutes. Contact us on Telegram at @GreenCryptoSupport Also you can drop a mail to us at getgreencrypto@gmail.com

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