How to Access Green Crypto Indicator

Instruction to access Green Crypto Swing Trade Indicator


  1. TradingView account: You need a Free account. You can use our referral link to create a new TradingView account if you don't have one.

  2. Active subscription to Green Crypto Swing Trade Indicator: You need to have an active subscription to Green Crypto Indicator. You can contact us on Telegram to get access at @GreenCryptoSupport OR you can purchase it on our website

Once you have both the perquisites met you can follow the below steps to use the indicator.

1 . Login to TradingView account in which you have Green Crypto Swing Trade Subscription activate.

2 . Open the Indicator using the below link

3 . Add the Indicator to Favourite by clicking the "Add to favorite indicators" as shown below

2 . Open a chart on which you want to use the Indicator. You can refer the below image for instruction.

3 . Once you open the chart, click on "Indicator $ Strategies" option on the top tool bar. It will open a pop-up, on the popup click on "Favorites", it will show Green Crypto Swing Trade Indicator - GC02 if you have added Indicator to Favorites, once you click on it the indicator name, it will add the indicator to the chart.

If you don't see "GreenCrypto Swing Trade Indicator - GC02" under Favorites scripts section OR if you get "Study Error", try refreshing the page. clearing the browser cache or opening it in Incognito mode.

4. Once you click on "GreenCrypto Swing Trade Indicator - GC02" indicator gets added to the chart. You can refer the below page screenshot.

5 . Once you the indicator successfully added to the chart it will start showing BUY and SELL signals. You can also enable Take Profit targets in the Indicator settings.

iPhone: Instructions for accessing on iPhone App

TradingView has app for iPhone, you can download the app from from Apple appstore:

Below we have added screenshots with instruction.

Android: Instructions for accessing on Android App

TradingView has app for Android, you can download the app from Android PlayStore


You can contact us on Telegram at @GreenCryptoSupport if you have any queries. We would be more than happy to assist.

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