Configuring Alerts/Signals

Details on how to configure alerts to get notification on different devices.

Types of alerts

TradingView supports different type of alert configuration such as email notification, popup notification on TradingView app, browser notifications, SMS and web-hooks etc. You can checkout official documents for more information on different type of alerts supported.

Generic Alert setup instructions:

About TradingView alerts & it's features:

Configuring alerts on Green Crypto Indicator

1 . Adding Indicator to the Chart:

As a first step you need to the add the Green Crypto Indicator to the chart to which you would to configure the alerts. For example if you want to configure alert for ETHUSDT symbol then you need to add the indicator to that chart.

For more details on how to add the indicator your follow our instruction in the page mentioned below.

How to Access Green Crypto Indicator

Make you sure you select the right timeframe on which want configure alert. For example if the chart is on 5M candles then alert will be configured for 5M candles, if you want to configure alerts for different candle size such as 5M, 15M, 1H etc. then you need to configure separate alert for each time frame.

2 . Creating the new alert

Once you have the indicator added to the chart, you need to click on "Create Alert" (keyboard shortcut ALT + A )button on top toolbar as show in the below screenshot. Once you click on that it will open a pop-up with the alert parameter. Details about the parameters are discussed in the next step.

3 . Configuring Alert Parameters

In the pop-up of alert configuration you need to select Alert parameters as per your needs.

Below we have shared few example configuration that you can use.

Details about the each highlighted parameter in the screenshot.

  1. In the Condition you need to select "Green Crypto Swing Trade Indicator - GC02" because you will configuring the alerts based on the Signals from the Green Crypto Indicator.

  2. In second parameter of the Condition option You need to select either of the below options

    • Buy/Long Signal: This will send alerts for Buy (Long) signals

    • Sell/Short Signal: This will send alert for Sell (Short signals.

  3. In the options parameter select "Once per bar", this will make sure that you will receive only one alert for one signal.

  4. Alert Name: you can specify any alert name.

  5. Message Section: In the message section you can specify details about alert which you will receiving over email/sms/web-hook whenever alert is triggered.

    Message section also support special variable which can dynamically send details related to alerts. Few example special variables:

    • {{exchange}} : Sends the exchange name. Eg. BINANCE

    • {{ticker}}: Sends the ticket name. Eg. ETHUSDT

    • {{close}}: Sends the close price the candle. Eg. 2150.1

    You can find all the supported special variables here on tradingview documentation [How to use a variable value in alert ].

Below screenshot shows sample configuration for Buy/Long Alert

If you face any issues, you can always contact us for assistance.

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